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Hey, my name is Daes Ehud Caleem and i am an artist. (duh) lol but yeah ive had a chance to see the bad and the goods on our blue little planet. ive seen the people, animals and land hurt and destroyed and im not a fan of this. I believe in love, but not that lubby dubby stuff (not that i dont mind it) but i believe in the power of change, and healing. i believe that if love can make someone smile, then it can change someone's heart no matter how many pieces it may be in. i look at this world and i see that we are covered in a shell, shells of our past, shells of our shame, and shells of our own twisted desires. i think that the real us, the beautiful us, the true me and you are buried under these shells and that we should do all we can to break these shells and be free. So, im taking action, first with my art, showing people that that real us lies underneath those shells that lie to us and attempt to make us look good. And then with my action, im going to try and change as much as i can with love, i believe it is an awesome i ask for your support, the world ask for your love :)

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ParableNovels24 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Professional General Artist
check the work follow the movement!!! love ya
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